Our team & the fox

Our associates are Clean, Professional, Uniformed, & Highly-Trained

If you work with Total Fix for a Home or Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing or Electrical service you are guaranteed to receive a professional customer care associate. All of our associates take part in our Total Fix University where we strive to become the best in customer care and technical skills.

We are the first in our area to offer an in-house training facility, increasing the technical abilities and hands on learning for our associates. Our commitment to online training helps our associates to continually grow and become the best of the best. This all comes down to continual growth and education of our associates, to better the experience for you.

Have you seen The Total Fox?

Total Fox

You may be wondering who exactly is this foxy fellow that have seen pop up in and around town. We took a moment to ask the Total Fox a few questions to get a bit better idea of who he is and what he represents:

What is your job at Total Fix?

I am the fixer, the teacher, the safety enforcer, and the one that provides a bit of fun.

What do you like to do?

I love being out in the community to lend a helping hand wherever I can… particularly to help with the fixing of things. I have a passion for reading and learning and like to impart my wisdom on others – asked for or not.

Why does Jason keep you around?

I am the coolest dude around and give him a run for his money as the funniest guy at the shop.