Electrical Inspections

Imagine driving your car every day and never knowing if it needed a tune-up or repairs. Electricity is used in homes every day and can pose major problems, including safety hazards, if your system isn’t inspected on a routine basis.

Taking Care of Your Electrical System

Our professional electricians are fully licensed and expertly trained to inspect, repair, replace, and install any electrical panels, units, and appliances in your home. We can scour your home for electrical hazards and ensure your system and units are all in optimal condition. We can even provide you with helpful energy saving tips to help you reduce the costs on your utility bills.

What does an electrical inspection include?

– check the size of your breakers and make sure that they are the correct type
– check open splices in your attic and crawl spaces
– perform testing and check GFCI protection according to county codes
– testing and verifying smoke detectors for proper operation
– inspect the wiring of all major appliances
– verify that your HVAC equipment is installed properly and has no electrical hazards
– double check grounding system to your home
– at your request we can inspect and test all of the electrical outlets for proper operation
– verify that all of your switches function optimally
– inspect the voltage in your home
– double-check the integrity of your meter equipment
– look thoroughly for any other potential hazards

Do you have an older home?

Many older homes are equipped with wiring that hasn’t been updated since the home was built (think 3-prong adapter). Chances are the wiring, service panels and fuse boxes don’t meet today’s standards. We can advise on whole home or partial rewiring and you will never have to worry about the dangers of unnecessary electrical shocks again!