Air Conditioning Services

Too cool or too hot?

Are in the midst of an unfortunate system breakdown but not prepared to make the investment in a new equipment? Whether it is a simple heating or cooling repair, or the extreme of replacing your whole condenser unit, you can trust that Total Fix has it under control. Our technicians are fully trained to fix your AC/heat pump system or furnace, big or small.

And don’t worry – we repair all brands of units even if we did not install them, 24/7/365.

How can I avoid Air Conditioning Emergencies?

No one wants to experience any type of emergency, which is why we are here to help you avoid them.

Some ways to ensure that you don’t experience an A/C emergency include:

  • Hire experienced professionals to perform installations
  • Have maintenance services performed regularly
  • Have your system replaced if the cost of your repairs reaches 50% of your system’s value
  • Become a member of the Total Care Preventative Maintenance program to ensure your system is serviced regularly.

How is my A/C System a vital component in the health of my home?

If your AC system breaks down, mold can grow in your system and your vents, resulting in highly contaminated air that can get you sick. We can help evaluate if your A/C system is operating optimally.

Not prepared to invest in new equipment right now?

Total Fix is pleased to offer our customers a variety of options to help make your home (and wallet!) comfortable:
Financing options
Equipment rental / lease options


 Total Fix is the only Bryant Factory Authorized dealer in Manitoba, that means we are trained on the newest products and offerings from Bryant.

Air Conditioners

Bryant air conditioner Products offer amazing comfort, efficiency and savings, contact us for a free in-home consolation to see what Bryant Furnace is the right solution for your homes needs

Heat Pumps

Bryant offers the industry leading heat pumps; a heat pump offers customer great savings and amazing comfort. Typically, an air to air heat pump can offer 20-30% energy savings over a traditional electric furnace only heating system and with the heat pump you get the value of air conditioning at no added cost. Total Fix offers free no obligation in-home consultations and energy speculation report comparing models and brands to insure you have all the information to make the important selection of your next heating system


Total Fix repair all makes and models of Geothermal Heat Pumps. We have industry training and specialized tools to diagnose and repair your geothermal unit

Ductless Split

Ductless Split Heat Pumps and Air Conditioner Only units have changed industry and the comfort level for that customer that does not have traditional duct work in there home or cottage. Total Fix is the leading expert in repair and installation of ductless split home space conditioning. We have seen all scenarios and have always been able to add comfort to any space big or small. Call Total Fix for a free in-home or cottage consultation to see what ductless split unit offers you the best comfort and value.