Electrical repairs

Our associates are ready to help with all your electrical installations, such as ceiling fans, landscape lighting, interior/exterior lighting, and even hot tubs. Our electricians can also discuss and recommend energy efficient solutions for your home; anything from LED lighting to smart technologies like timers and photo controls.

Services You Can Trust

No matter what types of electrical problems you’re having with any units or appliances, don’t hesitate to call Total Fix. Our esteemed electricians have all of the tools and expertise necessary to resolve your popping circuit breaker, dead outlets, flickering lights, or other malfunctioning appliances.

Call today to schedule an appointment with one of the best electrical companies around!

Ensuring Your Safety

It’s critical to make sure that your home is always as safe as possible. Electrical problems can pose safety hazards and can even result in a fire if certain issues are neglected.

What are some signs that I may require an electrical repair?

  • Flickering lights or lights that brighten or dim
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Buzzing sounds coming from your electrical panel
  • Electrical items that don’t work
  • Switches or outlets that are hot to the touch