Heating Services

Think of your heating system like a car, regular maintenance can greatly extend the life cycle of your car, and your heating system is the same! You wouldn’t go 15 years driving your car without changing the oil once or twice a year, so your heating system should be given the same maintenance courtesy. Have Total Fix maintain your heating system – it will thank you in efficiency, safety and comfort.

What makes and models do we repair?

We repair all types of units 24/7/365, even if we didn’t install them.

What is the Average Lifespan of an HVAC Unit?

Around 10-12 years with regular maintenance completed or even less with little to no maintenance completed.

How do I know when my heating system needs to be replaced?

If your heater makes a lot of strange noises, then it likely needs to be replaced. You may also need to get your heater replaced if it has been repaired several times in a two-year period.

Obviously, if your heater no longer keeps you comfortable, then you will need to have it replaced. The age of your heater is something else that you want to consider. If it is over the age of 15, then you should get a new one. We can help to provide you with the right options for your home.

Not prepared to invest in new equipment right now?

Total Fix is pleased to offer our customers a variety of options to help make your home (and wallet!) comfortable:
Financing options
Equipment rental / lease options


Total Fix is the only Bryant Factory Authorized dealer in Manitoba, that means we are trained on the newest products and offerings from Bryant.

Furnaces – Gas or Electric

Bryant Heating Products offer amazing comfort, efficiency and savings, contact us for a free in-home consolation to see what Bryant Furnace is the right solution for your homes needs

Stelpro Electric Furnaces are the choice for Total Fix. They offer multi configuration and are easy to adapt to your existing system.

Heat Pumps

Bryant offers the industry leading heat pumps; a heat pump offers customer great savings and amazing comfort. Typically, an air to air heat pump can offer 20-30% energy savings over a traditional electric furnace only heating system and with the heat pump you get the value of air conditioning at no added cost. Total Fix offers free no obligation in-home consultations and energy speculation report comparing models and brands to insure you have all the information to make the important selection of your next heating system


Total Fix repairs all makes and models of Geothermal Heat Pumps. We have industry training and specialized tools to diagnose and repair your geothermal unit

Ductless Split

Ductless Split Heat Pumps and Air Conditioner Only units have changed the industry and the comfort level for that customer that does not have traditional duct work in there home or cottage. Total Fix is the leading expert in repair and installation of ductless split home space conditioning. We have seen all scenarios and would love to help you find a solution for your home or cottage.  


Total Fix offers gas or electric boiler solutions for your home, shop or business. We repair, replace and install boilers for many applications.